Monday, January 06, 2014

Our Christmas

This Christmas we celebrated at our house with the whole family who lives in the area and our 4 missionaries. It was so fun!
Mikael picked the missionaries up at around 9 am, we had breakfast and they opened up the presents they gave each other or had gotten from home. It was so cute to watch - like a little family. :)
Around 3pm everybody came and we watched "Kalle Anka" aka Donald Duck, a Christmas Special and tradition in Sweden. It's a must!
Then "Jultomte" came aka Äldste Billodeau, our missionary :) The kids didn't notice a thing and gave him hugs and sang to him as he was giving them all the presents they had asked him to!
Matilda was very sceptical - can you see her expression? She shook her head very strongly.. :)
Food. Deviled eggs are one of my favorites. Äldste Billodeau and Syster Hosenfeld created this beauty.
Matilda loves Äldste James, but how could she not - he always plays with her and they are two redheads!
Matilda's favorite "hobby" right now - picking her nose.. sigh..
Syster Christensen, Vera, Matilda and Syster Hosenfeld.
After the family left, the Systers and I put on our comfy pants, watched two movies, ate cheese, chocolate and crackers and just relaxed.
Matilda didn't feel like opening her presents the day before, there was too much going on so we opened them up after breakfast on the 25th.
It was a special Christmas.

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  1. Looks like a nice, relaxed christmas. So was mine.
    Although I don't know you, I have been wondering why you weren't posting. Hope that doesn't sound too weird.
    Viele Grüße!



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