Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Weekend in Photos..

I think you can say that this weekend was perfect - it had bits of everything.
Visitors on our lawn
So precious
Matilda was watching a little Uki on Youtube and wanted me to take her down. A few minutes later she had put Uki back on (pushed the 'play' button), stood on the first step of her chair and was reading a book about cars while watching her favorite show. :)
Saturday evening Milla, Jonas, Mikael and I drove to Helsingborg to see The Sounds live. I saw many shows during my time in Frankfurt but as we usually need to drive to one of the bigger cities like Malmö, Göteborg or Stockholm to see bands we never go unfortunately. 

Oh - The Sounds were so great and what a feeling, to have really loud music in my ears again. :) It was also so awesome to cuddle with Mikael, hold hands or dance. It was one of the best nights in a long time for me. He really is the best. (Heikki, my father-in-law, was watching Matilda. Luckily for him she slept the whole evening and he was able to relax in front of our big TV :))
The next day, after 5 hours of sleep we went to church and had a father's day dinner at home. I made a Swedish traditional meat dish called "kalops" (funny, eh!?) and the most delicious chocolate mousse cake. I blame my horrendous headache the next day to two pieces of almost pure sugar.
After dinner Matilda gave Mikael his gift - or attempted to.
I'm so glad I chose him to be the father of our children. He is patient, adventurous, fun and so loving.


  1. Sehr schöne Bilder. Matilda sieht Mikael ja wirklich unglaublich ähnlich. Und ich kann nicht glauben, dass ich sie immer noch nicht live gesehen habe. Irgendwann müssen wir mal skypen und dann muss ich mich Matilda mal vorstellen.

    1. JA!!! Vermisse dich meine Herta!

  2. Wo findet man das Rezept für den Kuchen? :-)

  3. I love that picture of Mikael and Matilda! So sweet - that's a treasure for sure! And I love your tablecloth!!!! That floral is perfect - but it's probably Swedish huh? All the cool textiles are, it seems. :/

  4. I love reading your blog you are amazing!! I would love to visit sweden it looks so beautiful and I love reading about your adventures and life:) Happy New Year!



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