Monday, October 21, 2013

On finding happiness again and more.

Mikael's face: Another picture for Instagram? ;) 

Last week Sunday I was sad. (I wrote about it on Instagram). I had hoped for something that didn't happen. I was sitting in Matilda's room putting her to sleep and the tears just rolled down while the missionaries were playing giant jenga downstairs. 

When Matilda was asleep, I put her down, dried my tears up, refreshed my make-up, put on my happy face and went downstairs to drive the sister missionaries home. 

On my way home through the dark and rainy evening I turned on an old General Conference talk about hope. It came randomly, but oh how fitting it was. I had to focus really hard to not cry because I knew that my Heavenly Father was comforting me through this talk.

On Monday I made a decision to make a change and not be sad. To change "the thing that didn't happen" into an opportunity. I made a goal to improve in the next 4 weeks with these simple tasks: 
  • Say my prayer every morning and evening
  • Read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with Matilda every morning
  • Listening/reading a General Conference talk every day
  • Being the best wife I could be
  • No computer in the evenings
  • Eating healthy
  • Being calm
  • Listening, instead of trying to find a solution right away. (Sometimes just listening helps the other person to figure out a solution on his/her own anyway.)
  • Going to bed at the same time as Mikael, preferrably before 11 pm.
Today, a week later, I can say that I am happy. It has been a wonderful week and I feel so blessed. Mikael and I have laughed a lot together, we had more quality time together. I had prayed that I would be able to accomplish my tasks and besides forgetting to listen to a talk twice I have kept at it. I forgot to be sad and in focussing on improving myself I became happy again and gained so much more.

They say that a happy wife makes a happy husband. 
But I think that after this week I can say that a happy husband makes a happy wife.

(My tasks were inspired by this wonderful talk. I love it so much.)


  1. thanks for the thoughts:) love to you and mikael from the u.s.

  2. Ich hoffe es wird zur Gewohnheit bei dir. Ich nehme mir immer Sachen vor, halte es aber meist nicht lange durch. Das sind alles super ziele und ich kann mir vorstellen, dass es einen Unterschied machen wird!

  3. I hope the best for you so much. Waiting for a baby is the hardest kind of waiting. I hope for you that you have more of Matilda too because you're such a good mama! And good mama's deserve lots of babies!

  4. Senja, I haven't looked at any blogs for a long time, and I am just catching up on yours. You are an inspiration! You have such a good perspective, and you obviously are a wonderful wife and mother! Mikael and Matilda are so lucky! I'm grateful to call you my friend, even though we haven't seen each other in many years! Keep choosing the happiness - it's something I need to work on at times!



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