Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween and Storm/Hurricane Simone

First of all - Happy Halloween!! 

Last Sunday after we left church it was already pouring rain and the sky was dark grey. When I turned on Facebook in the afternoon I saw that our county had posted an emergency storm warning, classifying an upcoming storm called "Simone" with 2 and told us to stay home if possible on Monday during the day. 

We live on the south west coast of Sweden and we've had storm warnings before so we weren't so afraid but when they changed the classifying to 3 on Sunday evening, compared it to a huge storm called "Gudrun" which caused a lot of damage in 2005 and changed storm into hurricane we prepared ourselves. 

On Monday morning it was still "calm before the storm" as we say, Mikael stayed home from work and I bought groceries while he took care of Matilda and took precautions outside.

When I came home from the store it was already raining more but it wasn't until about 5 pm that we could see the storm coming to us. It had been raging in England prior and caused a lot of damage and killed 7 people.

I put Matilda to bed at 7 pm, who fell asleep within 5 minutes despite (or maybe because) the wind blowing on her window. At times I was afraid that the window would crash, but I felt calm at the same time. The electricity went off twice during this.

I went downstairs and watched some TV with Mikael as the electricity had come back on. After about 45 minutes he went into the basement to get his rain boots to go outside and check out possible damages, when he told me to come downstairs right away. 

Well, we had a little flood downstairs, with about 2 cm of water on the ground. A safe switch on our  wood heater got "shocked" by the electricity going on/off so often so it was leaking water. Mikael turned off our water and we cleaned up the water, which didn't do any damage luckily. The water literally ran in between of the boxes in our storage and nothing valuable was soaked. 

After cleaning up we wished we had running water to shower off :) Thank heavens for a baby and wet wipes! :)

Instead we went to bed and watched World War Z - which we both didn't like. It was exciting at times, but we are both not fans of zombie movies.. 

Matilda slept the whole night and the storm calmed down around 2 am. And this is what we woke up to the next morning.
We were lucky.

Nothing was damaged, just a few fallen trees and the storm cleaned up our garden and put our fallen leaves into nice piles :)

When I drove into town in the afternoon I could see so many fallen, thick trees, taken down right by the roots - crazy and scary. Here is an article in our national newspaper with more images.

I feel really blessed..

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  1. This video made me miss you! Wish we lived closer to each other. :( And Matilda's cute little clapping hands made my day!



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