Thursday, February 24, 2011

Driving across country to ski cross country.

I am logging out until next week Tuesday. Maybe I'll post photos with my new work phone that has internet, it depends on if I have figured out how to. Says the girl who everybody asks for computer/internet advice..

Tomorrow I have a day off and it will include, excercising, cleaning up the house, laundry and taking some jewelry photos. That has to be done super fast as I will then drive to IKEA! All by myself, that's how I love it. My parents-in-law are on their way down from Finland with a Lithuanian couple who will be staying with us for a week. Luckily they are staying with Tina and José tonight so I didn't have to clean up just yet..

And then something I have been looking forward to for some weeks now:

Mikael and Evelina are participating in this cross country skiing race up North and I will be joining them as the supporter. Roadtrip, racing energy and quality time. This is Mikaels second time, Evelinas first time.

I will come back with a full report. Have a great weekend!

XO Senja

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

virtual book club

I read on Martas blog about a really awesome thing - a virtual book club that her friend Jana started. I am totally in - no pressure, you comment on Janas blog {so cute btw} on the "review day" and she also always posts a recipe for a treat that we can enjoy while commenting about the book. Such a great idea.

I already ordered my book.

{photo via Marta Writes}
XO Senja

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines, kinda.

I am not a very romantic person. I am a very loving and touchy person, but I don't really need candle-lit dinners, long walks on the beach or clicheés. But I do love spending time with Mikael, especially now that it seems like I am not getting so much of it right now. 

So, on Monday I left the work activity earlier to be with Mikael, we hadn't really prepared anything, only that we would make pancakes in the forest but it got too cold for that.

When I came home, a happy guy and a bunch of roses waited for me. I was tired so we decided to get a few movies, crawl into bed and enjoy some Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough. 
It sounds nice, so why did the evening go wrong in my opinion? Well, the film we watched was definitely not a Valentines movie. It was a Swedish film called Snabba Cash which was really good, but too intense which drained all romantic notions out of me.
The next morning everything was good again and the roses in the kitchen remind me that Valentines days come and go, who needs a special day anyway to show your love? Valentines day should be every day.
Happy Valentines Day, honey.
{I will stop as I will only get cheesy otherwise.}

Husband = Genius

Mikael said that if I post this photo I have to let you all know that this was done very fast and that it should reflect his carpentry skills. So now you know. 
I want to let you know that my husband is geniously creative. He comes up with the best ideas and this is just a little glimpse of it. When watching this picture, keep in mind that our bathroom is old and not nice yet. But I love how he re-used an old curtain rail.

And he knew that it would make me happy to have a better "shower experience". 
I love my handyman.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The weekend.

Our last weekend was busy but awesome. The next weekends are all booked up, it makes me feel stressed out and happy about what will happen at the same time. It also means that I will have a lot to tell! {If I am not late again..}

The weekend was filled with:
  • Getting up at 6 and meeting up with friends to drive to the Temple in Copenhagen
  • Spending quality time with husband
  • Driving back home, quick change, picking up two other friends, off to Göteborg for a Church dance
  • Long day at Church, quick sandwiches at home and going for a walk
Yes, that was it - I was exhausted on Sunday and felt like taking a long nap but that didn't happen.

Tomorrow - why Valentines went somewhat wrong.

I'm so happy to see more followers on the blog and subscribers - hi and welcome to you! :) Leave me a note, let's connect!

XO Senja

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Dear friends,

I wanted to be more friendly and to be able to reply directly to your comments, so I installed Disqus - and now all your comments are gone and I dont' know how to get them back.

Sorry! :(

Still love everything you have to say.

All promised posts from last week, the weekend and our Valentines Day "celebrations" which didn't turn out as I had hoped - all because of me, will come up this week. Right now I feel tired and a bit discouraged..

Much love,

Friday, February 11, 2011


Check out this fabulous DIY project to turn an IKEA Rast side table into something so beautiful!
I just wrote Mikael and told him that this is what we should {will} do!

Also, take a look at Aubrey & Lindsays blog - I love their taste.

Friends, have a great weekend! Ours is packed already! Checking out wallpaper, cleaning up, hanging up some pictures {tonight}, tomorrow we will drive to Copenhagen to visit our Temple with friends, then we will drive to Gothenburg in the evening to party a little. I'm looking forward to a little road-trip.

See you soon! :)
XO Senja

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What keeps me sane.

What keeps me sane during work is music. I don't like listening to music through loudspeakers, I need to hear it through my headphones {Mikael and I bought these Bose headphones in China last year and love them!}, otherwise it just feels like a huge noisy distraction and although I have my own office I need to take care of my colleagues..

So, last week my {Mikael's} 60 GB Ipod broke. I tried everything, restart, checked Apple Ipod support pages, every trick possible, but it still showed me the sad face and wouldn't start. I panicked. How am I supposed to get through my 8.30-9 job without music {and watching my TV shows on the Ipod during lunch break}? See, I don't have an Iphone or another smart phone. When my director found that out a few weeks ago she was so surprised as she was so sure that me {the IT-nerd} had one. There are a few reasons for that. But that will be explained in another post.

So, I was a quite devastated last week and looked for my old 4GB Ipod Nano and was already in my mind going through the albums which I really need on it - 4GB is not so much space! {We have about 80 GB of music on our external harddrive..}

After I talked to my fellow music lover brother about albums that he would like to get from me, he said that I should ask our dad if he wants to sell his ipod. See, my dad is the typical technic gadget guy - laptops, small & big, Iphone, Ipod and even an Ipad. I asked him and halleluja - he is going to sell his 30 GB Ipod to me for a great deal and is shipping it to me today or tomorrow. This means I can leave my macbook at home again and just use the Ipod!

So in preparation for this i got new some new music yesterday. Before I was married and still lived in Frankfurt I always knew about new bands, went to shows regularly but these things don't seem so important anymore and bands come either to Stockholm, Malmö or Göteborg and they are about 1,5-5 hours away..

Anyway, here are the albums which are on my playlist right now:

XO Senja

PS: I can't remember if I wrote about this before, I didn't just want to cram this in the above post, do you listen to our LDS podcasts with BYU devotionals, General Conference or CES Fireside talks? If not, look them up on your Itunes Podcast shop. They are for free and I always feel inspired and touched in many ways when I listen to them during my drive to and from work.
{To my non-Mormon friends - these are podcasts of speeches given by my Church leaders}

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Last night..

..we had a huge storm outside which left me super tired today.. I woke up to loud bangs and thought that now surely one of the trees in our backyard had fallen to the house. Our forest trees are old and need to be cut and taken care of. But luckily the house kept itself and us safe. I love the fact that we have our own house..

Speaking of house, last week I found an interior design blog called "Sweet paul" and saw that she had designed Emerson Made's house. O h  m y  g o s h - the interior is perfect - exactly how I am also imagining ours to be. We need new floor in all the rooms upstairs and I've already told Mikael that we should get real wood floor.. Isn't it beautiful?

My second glass of Coke Zero is calling me, otherwise my head will land on the keyboard.

XO Senja

Monday, February 07, 2011

Our weekend.

This was a busy weekend and it just flew by..

Friday evening we were just (pretending to be) busy. Can't even remember what we did.. But it got late, that I know.

Saturday morning I got up and had an appointment at the hairdresser at 8. At first I thought that I was crazy, getting up that early, but it was wonderful! After my appointment I went grocery shopping and the whole supermarket was almost empty. So relaxing. I bought us a big breakfast and started to empty a few boxes.

In the late afternoon we got ready and drove to Gothenburg to attend our friend Janne's wedding reception. He married a girl from Siberia and Mikael was able to speak Russian again. I love hearing him speak Russian. I can see how much he loves the language and the people. I can't wait to visit Moscow this year.

Another great thing about Mikael - he has a great sense of style. He sees what color matches me, he even picked out that blue and white striped blouse to go with the skirt - I would have been too scared to mix those patterns, but it looked really great I think.

Yesterday we had a long day at church with the members eating together after the meetings and a visit to a friend of ours who was at the hospital.

I was super tired yesterday, but also very happy. I love driving away with Mikael and attending small and big events, it brings us closer, where the everyday life has brought us a bit apart from time to time. I get to be with my best friend again, not just my housemate.

I have more posts coming up this week. About why my motto for the year is "Simplify your life" and "first things first". Also, I'm going to tell you all more about Swedish traditions and I'll start with breakfast.

Hope you all have a great week! :)

XO Senja

Thursday, February 03, 2011


I love having my little side-jewelry-business. These are the things I love the most about it: 
  • Receiving all those positive comments when you all get so happy and excited when you receive your package. Seriously, it makes my day. :)
  • Being creaitive and creating something pretty
  • Ordering supplies on etsy. Seriously, I feel like a little girl in a candy shop. The best thing is to receive supply-packages from all over the world.
My friend Alice and her beautiful newborn baby Sylvia.
And the best - seeing photos of you wearing my pieces! Seriously, send them in! :){senja.creairtive @ gmail . com}

Thank you so much for your support and for challenging me!

XO Senja

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Jamie's Italian.

I just booked a table at Jamie Oliver's Italian in Canary Wharf, in London for a group who is travelling to London in April.

If you are ever there {I love London and have been there about 5 or 6 times}, go check out his restaurants! Really decent prices and the menu looks fantastic!

Also, don't forget to check out his fifteen-concept, a registered charity - which has at its heart a chef apprenticeship for 18 to 24 year olds. What a wonderful idea!

XO Senja

PS: Maybe I should also include travel tips on this blog? After all I organize them during the day..


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