Thursday, September 08, 2011

One Day

 When I was in my teens I read a book a week, I really loved reading. Now I don't make time for it as much as I should and when we travel, Mikael is driving most of the time as I am sitting beside him, reading. Poor guy.

I bought this book in the beginning of the year but never really started to read it, besides two sides (!) during my vacation at home.

I took it with me when I flew to Stockholm and read 222 pages, I finished it on my second trip to Stockholm the week after. And I was sad when I was done. I had a similar feeling when I watched the last episode of Felicity.

Do you also feel like this when reading a book.. the giddy feeling when you want to use every free minute to continue reading? That's what I felt with One Day. It was a great story and well told, although from the middle of the book onwards I did skip a few paragraphs..

Now I cannot wait for the film to show in Sweden in October. I hope it will not dissapoint.

What should I read next? I am flying to Berlin on Sunday-Tuesday and have some time to fill in the plane..

The Help maybe?
Do you have other suggestions?

XO Senja


  1. Hi Senja,
    ich weiß genau was du meinst. So ging es mir vor zwei Wochen mit dem Buch "The Help". Ich war so traurig als ich es zu Ende gelesen hatte. Es ist echt ein schönes Buch, also wenn du Lust zum lesen hast dann los! Ich hag "One Day" auch hier liegen, Pamela (eine Freundin) hat es mir geliehen, ich muss endlich anfangen es zu lesen. Aber dann mach ich ja nix anderes mehr.....

  2. oh, no worries! thanks for the tip, i appreciate it :) did you also read the book?

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  3. i heard it wasn't really a good flick. i wanted to see it really bad cause i love jim. but my friends saw it and said it was kinda trashy? have you ever gone to i'm trying to be better about movies i see now a days.. it gives you a run down of stuff that is shown. don't feel like i'm judging though! xo

  4. I miss that feeling :(. The last book I read was Bossypants which was good, not great.

  5. I have it on my kindle and I'm having a had time following because I can't flip back and check dates...I do love the story though.




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